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Saturday, September 17, 2016 LULA AND MAGAZINES


Despite this week it has been generous in the profusion of political-police facts highlighting the revelation part of Lula’s rap sheet that went public live in color through the Lava Jato task force, the weekly magazines that reach stalls on Saturday bring bland reports. At most reviews that can never be strong these old big media outlets whose editorial scope lies precisely in a more advanced scrutiny of the facts, that is, something beyond what the distinguished audience learned during the week. The three most important weekly publications what are the magazines Veja, Isto É and season, abandoned investigative reporting to ferret out FHC, if IstoÉ or to repeat what happened during the week, as in the case of season. Veja magazine until he tried to go beyond the obvious, highlighting on the cover Lula’s melting. But it remains increasingly distant investigative journalism that puts the nail on the head. The recent turnaround in magazine writing See, with the nefarious passaralho flight, was disastrous.  Those who follow this blog know that already in the early hours of Saturday morning could post some reports bomb these weeklies and comment on them, especially the Veja magazine, which for a long time guided the other media outlets. in this edition, is saved about the cover of the magazine Veja, with which illustrate this post. To see why Lula melt and be sucked into the jet Lava is priceless.But the call that is on the magazine’s website is typical of neophytes in journalism and / or activists of “cause.” Calls for a film that was very trendy starring the politically correct Leonardo DiCaprio titled “Catch me if you can.”Between the lines it means that the Ignoramus is challenging the Lava Jato.Since the film with Di Caprio, based on real events, has the epilogue the repentant thief and converted to official FBI. But the film that the PT is preparing, which Lula is the main actor, does not include in your script no mea culpa no regret, on the contrary, aims to launch Lula as a candidate for president in 2018. And the achievement of this goal will then complete the said PT project, or turn Brazil into a communist banana banana republic sample Cuba and Venezuela to the eternal glory of the Forum of Sao Paulo when all fees, all the lies and all the thievery will be forgiven in the name of “cause.” Arre! Fortunately the task force of Lava Jato, Judge Sergio Moro and millions of Brazilians who took Brazil’s streets recently, remain in place and together decided to go Brazil to clean and, later proscribe the PT and its communist satellites. in short, this weekend there are no reports bomb, only reviews that do not arouse the least interest of readers, which is unfortunate.  If you want to read a summary of Veja story, click HERE .



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At this time the task force Operation Lava Jet is giving a press conference in Curitiba. There are journalists of all major media outlets. Pictured above, the Porocurador Deltan Dallagnol starts collective and opens the images on the big screen starting with the full name of Lula. The photo is the site The Antagonist, while the note that follows is the site Estadão . read:

Attorney Deltan Dallagnol, coordinator of the task force Operation Lava jet, said on Wednesday, 14, the former president Lula is the ‘maximum commander of the corruption scheme’ identified in the investigation of cartel and fees at Petrobras.
Dellagnol said: ‘The Federal Public Ministry is not judging here who was Lula’. The prosecutor claims that the bribe intended to former President exceeds the amount of R $ 3 million.
Lava Jato denounced formally on Wednesday, 14, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the former first lady Marisa Leticia, President Lula Institute, Paul Okamotto, entrepreneur Leo Pinheiro, the OAS, two employees contractor and two investigated. 




While red stingrays newspaper writing O Estado de S. Paulo do not reach editorialists will still be published editorials good. This is the case of the editorial entitled The Grifters , which I transcribe in full. It explains what the Communists are preparing. It has always been the biggest liars and deceivers that humanity has ever known. And it’s good to say that “immoral” is very polished designation to qualify for this gang of criminals.Read and share worth. The president of the impeachment trial session has an obligation to ban the enclosure this gang of swindlers who call themselves filmmakers.

The Grifters
The trial of President Dilma Rousseff no longer has any importance in itself for the PT who defend the Senate. Because it is essentially a political process, the beans are already beyond counted. Therefore, PT senators are there for the sole purpose of staging the “Passion Dilma”: before the friendly documentary cameras to the cause lulopetista in charge of registering the throes of Dilma in the Presidency, these histriões want to convert the trial into a tearjerker epic, in an attempt to dictate the history of this sad period.
One can imagine that the screenplay of “martyrdom” Dilma provides as climax the presence of President in the Senate to defend tomorrow.Reportedly the PT will bring an entourage of three dozen people, including several supporters who were his ministers, who certainly will behave in front of the cameras, as devoted apostles. And there’s a chance to see Lula da Silva, the prima donna of the company, which plans to appear in the Senate to witness the ordeal of his creature. Like Lula will never be an adjunct, especially when acts with the expressionless Dilma, it can be deduced that his intention is to steal the scene – he is, after all, who thinks he has a legacy and a history to defend, while Dilma, everyone knows it’s just a piece of his rib.
All these actors, therefore, are to play the role that it is not for them, the victims. As Lula and large cast never admitted responsibility for the blunders of PT governments, much less the systemic corruption that carcomeu Congress and the public administration in the past ten years, any accusation of thievery or irresponsibility can only be interpreted as anti-EN campaign.
If the documentary about the impeachment of Rousseff makes use of the flashback technique, you may remember that when burst monthly allowance scandal, Lula tried to deny everything. Faced with crippling evidence of the corruption scheme, Lula came to apologize to the country – to save his skin, as always, the kingpin PT did not hesitate to play several of his men to the sea. Later, however, in the face of increasing wear his party, Lula tried to change the address again, saying that the PT was no more corrupt than the other parties and their main leaders were being targeted processes thanks to a chase deliberate against PT in general. All this to save the skin of corrupt other parties and annihilate the “people’s government” of the PT.
It is with this script, rewritten to the circumstances, but very well rehearsed, the PT senators intend to embarrass the Congress before the cameras.”What is the moral of this Senate to judge the President of the Republic?” Asked Senator Gleisi Hoffmann (PT-PR), defiling the House for which she herself was elected. The apparent disregard for democracy has not gone unnoticed by the President of the Supreme Court, Ricardo Lewandowski, who, in Chairperson condition, admonished Senator when she insisted on a second occasion, to put all the senators in the same bag of immorality PT. “I will not accept this kind of phrase in a trial like this. Not again mention the phrase, “Lewandowski said. But Gleisi, which after all was not worried about no judgment, but with the construction of the “narrative” for the story, said that “this House conspired against President Dilma.”
Here then that representatives of the party that carried out the monthly allowance and petrolão, which has three treasurers wound in court, which had several of its major processed leaders and imprisoned and whose great leader, Lula has just been indicted by federal police on charges of corruption, money laundering and forgery judge is free to question the morality of other parliamentarians.
Everything has a clear purpose: if everyone is immoral, then no one is – and only the PT are convicted, then that can only be “coup.” It’s great that all this is being recorded on film – which will serve as a valuable document of untiring vocation of PT to defraud reality.


Friday, June 3, 2016

Veja magazine that also hits newsstands on Saturday brings revealing report bomb everything that whistleblowers are denouncing the authorities of Operation Lava jet. Among the stock of corruption and varied thievery stands denunciation of an old friend of Lula, Leo Pinheiro example of Marcelo Odebrecht decided to sing in the cage.

Without mincing words and decided to get rid of the clink, Leo Pinheiro, according to Veja, said the authorities during his winning tipoff that the reform of the famous Atibaia site was made at the request of Lula, although the former president has stated that the property does not belong to you …

But as can be seen in the cover story, See the story bomb has several chapters adding multiple pages of the publication. In fact, in each sub-headline a bomb whose effect is devastating, especially when he was in progress in the Senate an operation-turtle on the impeachment of the rite to try to replace Rousseff at the Planalto Palace.

If it senses that the reports bomb View and also IstoÉ still do not say anything that rolls on the pitch of the burrows. So, get ready for what’s to come there. At such times the PT and its satellites, including Network, PSOL, PCdoB et caterva, will the end they deserve, the can the dustbin of history. I

want to, even tonight, post a summary See story bomb on the blog.


The 4th Criminal Court of São Paulo sent to the judge Sergio Moro, the 13th Federal Curitiba Court, the request for provisional arrest of former President Lula and the complaint against PT for money laundering and forgery in the case of the triplex of Guaruja ( SP). The records were sent by Judge Maria Priscilla Ernandes Veiga Oliveira on Thursday after she denied appeals against the decision on which declined competence for the judgment that centralizes Operation Lava Jato, Parana, delivered more than a month.
Possession of triplex renovated by the construction company OAS to Lula and the former first lady Marisa Leticia was investigated by the Public Ministry of São Paulo, in due inquiry Bancoop case, and the Federal Public Ministry in Lava jet.
The judge held that the crimes are federal and may be related to corruption scheme at Petrobras. It’s up to Live now decide whether to accept the competence and accepts or not the request for arrest and arraignment.
The former president is also investigated in other fronts of Lava Jato, the investigation is under the scrutiny of the Supreme Court, because of citations to parliamentarians and ministers with privileged forum. As Lula’s appointment was suspended by the Supreme, he remains without prerogative. The magazine’s website See

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